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AMVC Management Services

ASI Cover Accu-Steel Building, Inc.

Audubon Lumber Company

Audubon County Newspapers

Audubon State Bank

Clint Hansen Galleries

Exira Care Center

Exira Family Medicine Clinic

Holiday Motel

Iowa Telecom

Kesseler's Funeral Homes

Landmands National Bank

Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Company

Prairie Images

Puck John Deere Implement Company

West Central Cooperative (Audubon and Exira)


Brayton - Hamlin Lutheran Church

Exira Christian Church (Disciple of Christ)

Our Saviour's Lutheran Church


City of Audubon, Iowa

City of Exira, Iowa

City of Kimballton, Iowa

Oakfield (no longer exists)


Exira Public Library

Personal Sites:

Walker's World (Home Page of John P. Walker)


Audubon County Genealogical Society

Audubon County Historical Society

Audubon County Lions Clubs

Audubon County Memorial Hospital


Audubon Community School District

Elk Horn - Kimballton Community School District

Exira Community School District


Audubon County Airport Infomation

Audubon County ISU Extension Office

Audubon County Postal Information

Lodging Available in or near Audubon County, Iowa

Newpapers Serving Audubon County, Iowa

Radio Stations Serving Audubon County, Iowa

Social Security Information

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Danish Immigrant Museum

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